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19 de septiembre, José Á. Velasco

Para comenzar nuestros «Jueves con la música», he escogido una banda sonora con mucho contenido matemático: Drowning by Numbers.

Esta película del año 1998, dirigida por Peter Greenaway, posee una banda sonora con mucho sentido, compuesta por el genial Michael Nyman. Os dejo aquí más información para que podáis apreciar bien sus ritmos y recurrencias y os ayude mientras trabajáis los números reales.

The film’s plot centers on three women — a grandmother, mother and daughter — each named Cissie Colpitts. As the story progresses each women successivly drowns her husband.

Through the course of the film the numbers one to one hundred appear in order, sometimes seen in the background, sometimes spoken by the characters.

The three Cissie Colpittses are played by Joan PlowrightJuliet Stevenson, and Joely RichardsonBernard Hill plays the coroner Madgett, who is cajoled into covering up the three crimes. The structure, with similar stories repeated three times, is reminiscent of a fairy tale. The link to folklore is further established by Madgett’s son Smut, who recites the rules of various unusual games played by the characters as if they were ancient traditions. Many of these games are invented for the film, including:

•Bees in the Trees

•Dawn Card Castles

•Deadman’s Catch

•Flights of Fancy (or Reverse Strip Jump)

•The Great Death Game

•Hangman’s Cricket

•The Hare and Hounds

•Sheep and Tides

The musical score is by Michael Nyman, and is entirely based on themes taken from the slow movement of Mozart‘s Sinfonia Concertante in E flat, K364. Nyman had previously used this piece as the basis for part of the score for Greenaway’s The Falls. It is heard in its original form immediately after each drowning.

Number-counting, game rules and the plot’s repetitions are devices that emphasize structure and symmetry in Drowning by Numbers.

The film is set in and around SouthwoldSuffolkEngland, with key landmarks such as the Victorian water towerSouthwold Lighthouse and the River Blyth estuary clearly identifiable.

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